Sunday, March 29, 2009

well this took me

well today I want to show u something that I finished the other day.............

I did start it before my oldest daughter was 2001..guess cross stitching is not really mine

Saturday, March 28, 2009

more Easter cards

here are some more of my Easter cards..........

and believe it or not I will make more later :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter cards

can u believe it...I managed to do some Easter cards...wohooooooooooooo me

I was just in a flow :)Im actually quite pleased with them...
well I did take a bit of time and the day I made them the sun was shining so lovely and I was in a right spring mood.........which Im not really anymore as it has been snowing the past days :(
I made some more Easter cards butI will show them another day as I just cant find them anywhere on the Pc right
My hubby has been tidying up..........

hope u like these 3 though

Monday, March 23, 2009

a good cause

I gave some...well 50 ...of my handmade cards to my girls school

I told them they could sell them and whatever they get of them is for the class to spend...
they didnt believe my cards were if I would buy some for them to sell on...
but anyway here are some of the cards I gave to them

mums birthday

well it was my mums birthday on saturday and i obviously wanted to make a card....

I actually made one matching the present wrapping paper........well I just used some of it for the background :)
I know it doesnt look that great...but I just didnt feel like making one.

Well as we didnt manage to get everything to ask for on the shop
ping trip we made before her birthday........its a kind of tradition
I made a little I owe U card aswell......for another shopping trip

thought that girl fitted perfectly

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

candy alert

here are some lovely Blog Candies I came across

my uncles birthday

well my uncle turned 60 and as we were all invited to a lovely Brunch which actually lasted all day and
I made a card...........again nothing special as I just havent really got the time at the moment to sit down properly and get all my stuff out and have a good crafting....

picked a few bits and bobs that I could easily reach and thats what turned out...........

could have been much better with more time on my hands but oh well


I did actually manage to do some mothers Day cards as it is already this weekend in the Uk

nothing special as I somehow dont have time again..................we wanna do the house different

but here they are

well as I said nothing special but hubby was happy with them and especially liked the green one..........the one I actually wanted to throw in the

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