Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my second chocolate box

Gemma was invited to her friends birthday party and I thought along with the main present I make another chocolate box for her...........

and I can say that she was very impressed and really likes it

once with flash

and once not really a big fan of magnolia but she is cute

a lot to show

well I joined a cardswapping group on FAcebook...and well through a mistake of the owner...lucky for me though....

I recieved some gorgeous cards for Mothers Day which I have to show you....this first one is my fave as the artist stamped onto some fabric and it looks sooooo posh :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

unbelievable but true

I recieved an award by someone I dont even know...or even realized she knew my Blog :O)

well thanks a lot Tricia...I will add your Blog to my faves as soon as

and here is my award which i can kindly give to 10 of my faves now

my first nomination goes to Sonya

cuz I just love her work.........

second to Joanne

third to her LO are fab

then to Julie

next to

and then to

and then to

and then to

and now to

and last to

Thursday, April 23, 2009

chocolate box

one of our kids doctors assitants will leave next week and move to a different town in germany....we always liked her and so I thought I make her a little farewell present...and as chocolates make happy they might help if she feels homesick

I gave them to her today and she really liked them especially as she is such a dog fanatic

my whipper Snapper stamps....

as they are here for ages I thought I finally show them to u. well this little fella juast reminded me of my babygirl round and cuddly and always smiling

what a cutie, dont u think.....and with the fitting sentiment just a perfect pair

well I love angels....and they are sooooooooo adorable and I think suitable for soooo many occasions not just christmas

I always loved the turtels and the I thought I get a combination of both

when I saw these they just simply slipped into my shopping basket...but who could have resisted

Friday, April 17, 2009


I did actually plan to send a parcel out last december for someones birthday...........but as things somehow never happen as I want them to , I never got t send it....but now I did and as I know it actually arrived, here is what I send Sonya..............she likes frogs :) case u wondered
well this is an addressbook as you can see :)
I do actually like the colours together
the next 2 things are lamps...well you put them over a jar or a votifcandle........they are simply laminated hadkerchiefs...tissues or whatever u call them in english...... ;)
she said she likes all the stuff....I hope so

Thursday, April 2, 2009

hubby is gonna kill me..........

cuz I just went on the Whipper Snapper homepage and ordered some stamps...........I just had to...they were calling out my

well its not been that much 75 Dollars........reasonable I would say :)

cant wait now.....I love whipper snapper and only had one of their stamps so far....wohooooooooo

and Im even happier as hubby will get me the new Nintendo Dsi for my lovely of him :)

Im off to bed are ill again so who knows how much sleep I will get

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