Thursday, December 31, 2009

a set for my aunt

my aunt will turn 60 on saturday and as she only talkes about recipes she will get a cooking book. a bookmark with money hanging off and a card
and my lovely friend Sonya send me these chef images only a few days back...the one with the cake actually had spaghettis on his plate but I cut the cake out from a cupcake topper that Sonya had made me too...SORRY SONYA ( but the images just fitted )


Sonya said...

Those look great! I love that you used the cupcake topper on

GINAs WELT said...

Hi Mel ..DIr auch ein schönes neues Jahr.. doch ich hab Dich auch wiedererkannt von der Schule.. bist bei mir gespeichert in meiner Blogliste ***gg* alles GUte für 2010

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