Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter baskets

well yup...its gone a little quiet on the crative side right now...but thats only cuz I finally started with my own business...a language school.  I have to get used to juggeling 5 kids, a household, a husband and a business first...although I do have itchy fingers to do some crafting...unfortunately no time

But I did manage to sew a few Easter baskets for the kids :)

I did actually do more but obviously didnt take pics  ;)

and here is a pic I wanted to show you...all my pride and joy...cant believe Carla is 7 months already too

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Bubbles said...

Loving your little bags Mel, the materials you have used are so pretty! Gorgeous piccie, shame you're not in it to!
Good luck with your new venture, hope everything goes great.
Joanne x

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